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A Greener Console

Did you know? In choosing Thinking Space for your control room furniture, you will be choosing a greener console for your control room, thanks to our design and range of environmentally friendly products.


Choosing a greener console will support sustainable practices by: -

• Protecting the natural environment
• Using non-hazardous materials
• Reducing and reusing resources
• Minimising waste

Not only does this help by reducing environmental impact, it helps save you money through energy savings.

Technical Furniture Specification

In most cases, up to 90% of Thinking Space furniture uses only man made, recyclable materials. These materials consist of the following:-

• The framework of each console is made from aluminium, which can be recycled when no
longer required.

• The worktops are an eco-certified product, its primary component is paper (65%), a renewable resource that comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forests.

• The cladding panels are a recyclable aluminium composite.

• The worktop nosing is made of rubber and recyclable.

• Novus monitor arms and mounts are 100% recyclable, being a combination of aluminium and plastics.

• Novus LED lighting is energy-saving with a service life of over 50,000 hours as well as presence and light sensors, so they can be used only when needed.

• Underscript LED lighting is energy-saving and produces low lighting levels to avoid distractive glare


Our consoles can be altered, adapted or dismantled and rebuilt, ensuring that as your requirements change, our furniture can change with you. This helps you to reduce your costs and the furniture to be recycled rather than starting from scratch, reducing environmental impact.

Here are two such examples where clients recycled and altered their furniture.

Read our case study on the relocation of Sheffield Urban Traffic Centre.

Read our news story on the Irish Aviation Authority console modification project 

A Greener Space

Not only do we use recyclable materials in all our technical furniture,  we have also reduced waste in and around the factory over the last few years and helped to reduce our carbon footprint.

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