Thinking Space complete console alterations for the Irish Aviation Authority

Thinking Space recently demonstrated their ability to work within restricted timescales and tight tolerances when they completed console alterations for the Irish Aviation Authority, further to upgrade work at Dublin Air Traffic Control Tower.

The catalyst for the furniture modifications was the airports’ upgrade to an electronic flight strip management system. Further to an initial site survey, Thinking Space discussed the various modification options available to the IAA. For consideration was the vast engineering work involved in removing the well-established existing furniture, as well as the time available to complete all works whilst ensuring the Control Tower was ready for full operations at the end of the agreed installation period.

Having identified a split point in the existing tower furniture, it was agreed that the top section of the 5 position controller console would be replaced with a new sub-frame, worktop, equipment upstands and monitor mounting solutions. Having worked closely with Thinking Space on previous projects, the IAA were confident of their engineering capabilities to deliver as per the agreed criteria.

Utilising their design and manufacturing expertise to ensure any limitations of the chassis were accounted for, Thinking Space used the CORE profile system to manufacture a 70cm high sub-frame that would be placed on top of the existing chassis. The sub-frame provided two advantages; it allowed the worktop to be fixed to the chassis without any problems of structural incompatibility. Secondly, it allowed flexibility if optional features and accessories were added, which was the case. The Moni-Trak system was installed into the worktop surface allowing flexibility to mount Novus monitor arms and lights along its length. Meanwhile, PIP panels were installed under the worktop surface, as well as additional storage.

With the design streamlined to fit effectively within the space provided, Thinking Space worked alongside IAA engineers to install the modifications. Requiring re-assembly after shipping, each length of the 15 metre console had to be fitted individually to avoid error and total shut-down of the facilities. Overnight working hours were limited to an installation window of between 21.00 and 05.00 ie. light traffic periods, during which the IAA vacated the Control Tower and operated from a contingency location. With only a few minor adjustments having to be made in situ, a professional installation service was provided.

"I think what amazed me the most was the fact that the frame and counter top fitted almost to perfection on top of the original base. A great job by TSS well done to the team.’"
Peter Kavanagh – Manager Operational Requirements, IAA


Above: the console alterations taking place in the factory


worktop added to console alterations image

Above: the worktop is added to the base structure in the factory