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At Thinking Space, improving working environments is our mission. We work with you to bring control rooms to meet control room design standards ISO 11064. The modernisation ensures maximum comfort for control room personnel which will improve  physical and mental wellbeing. Every operator will be at their peak performance to be able to handle critical situations and remain cool, calm and collected.

Here’s how Thinking Space can help you improve your working environment…


Console Design

Our experienced sales team will guide you through the design process, ensuring that the space you have available within your control room is maximised. With the clever use of space, ergonomic designs and accessories we can create an experience where control room standards are conformed to, comfort levels will be improved and every member of staff will feel the benefits of an improved working environment.

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Colours and Finishes

By using cool and calming shades of greys and blues for worktop and panels which team with the aluminium profiles of our consoles, you can achieve a calming ambience for your control room. Alternatively, by using the colours of your brand, the workplace is transformed into a place of personalisation and belonging.

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Height Adjustment

Sit-stand working has proven health benefits, and our electric height adjustment options for consoles help you achieve this practice. At the touch of a button either on the desk or remotely using an app, you can control the height of your desk, even if you share a workspace with others. Not only does sit-stand working reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, it also improves mood, focus and alertness and helps to reduce stress.


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Media Walls

Every Evolution Media Wall is designed so that when seated at the console, you have the recommended sight lines and viewing angles, as detailed in control room design standards. This reduces issues such as eye strain, neck and back pain and repetitive strain injuries.

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Monitor Mounts

We offer a range of ergonomic mounts which removes the need for items such as monitors to be on the desk surface. Not only does this free up space, you can easily adjust them for your own comfort.

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Underscript LED lighting helps create an ambient mood without reflections. We offer this option in any colour, even colour changing depending on your mood.

Task lighting is also available for your individual adjustment, helping to avoid eye strain.

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We offer three choices of seating, all designed for 24/7 working. Each option has its own adjustability ensuring you have complete control on your seating position, and therefore, maximum comfort.

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An improved working environment needs to be cared for, to keep it clean and healthy. Download our cleaning guide for tips on how to care for your console.

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