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Battle of the flags

It was a battle of the flags this week as we welcomed international guests to Thinking Space. Neil decided there was no better way to welcome them to the factory than with… cake.

Baking has become almost a taboo subject within the company after the healthy,  competitive ‘TSS bake-off’ held in April.  Neil decided brush up on his skills and show that he still belonged in the kitchen, despite not winning the title.

So with many hungry mouths to feed, Neil set to making not one, but two double-tier chocolate sponge cakes with chocolate buttercream frosting, decorated with flags emblematic of the home country of the guests visiting. This included an American flag with stripes and stars and a Canadian flag with a maple leaf, whilst a customary Union Jack was included to represent GB and company HQ.

Thank you for your hard work Neil; we hope the visitors enjoy the delicious chocolatey goodness you’ve created… we know we all will!

2 responses to “Battle of the flags”

  1. Lee says:

    Neil, I expect a cake when I visit in a few weeks, complete with flag!!

  2. Design Manager says:

    More practice is necessary, there is still room for improvement.
    Please bring more cake and we can give you some pointers

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