1. Consulta

Our process starts with you getting in touch with us. One of our sales specialists will contact you to arrange a consultation meeting, either by phone or in person.

Understanding your requirements

  • We work with you to understand the room use.
  • We look at the numbers, the roles, the responsibilities and the frequency of tasks undertaken by every individual in the control room.
  • We help you ascertain future applications.
  • We carry out a site survey by measuring the room, noting all apertures, existing equipment, foot traffic and building services (or provide your floor plan and dimensions and equipment list).

2. Diseño

We offer a FREE design service to all clients, to help you understand the solutions proposed.

Our proposal

  • Our experienced design team provide high quality 2D dimension drawings using AutoCad Inventor. All drawings provide our proposal to improve your working environment with eye levels, viewing angles and ergonomic solutions.
  • We consider BS EN ISO 11064 ergonomic design of control rooms when taking your requirements and converting them to a design.
  • We provide 3D render drawings with four views to help visualise your control room.
  • We identify any additional accessories such as chairs, lighting and monitor mounts.

3. Fabricación

We manufacture all furniture from our UK headquarters or our Australian offices for these clients, using a highly skilled workforce who are experienced in furniture assembly and installation.

In safe hands

  • You will be assigned a Project Manager who will work with you throughout the manufacturing and fulfillment phases.
  • We complete a site survey prior to manufacture.
  • We provide manufacturing drawings for your approval prior to any work starting.
  • Colours and finishes can be chosen using our website configurator.
  • We offer all clients an opportunity to inspect the furniture (FAT) after assembly in the factory but before despatch, so there are no nasty surprises!
Únase a nosotros en el mapa internacional de Thinking Space Systems

4. Ejecución del proyecto

We provide worldwide delivery and installation of your furniture.

Hassle-free implementation

  • All furniture is easy to install should you wish to do so, with handy video tutorials also available.
  • We also offer an installation service using a team of experienced personnel, who are all familiar with working in typical control room environments.
  • We ensure your furniture is delivered on time and to your satisfaction..every time!

After initial discussions and a visit to the Thinking Space  factory they were able to produce a proposed layout of a what the refurbished control room would look like taking account key design features that were required by us. 

A Project Manager was assigned who worked very closely with us and our contractors. Being a multi-disciplined project with key deliverables weekly project calls proved invaluable to maintaining the project on programme and resolving technical issues. 

The project was delivered on time to budget with excellent communication throughout and as a client we felt our business was important to Thinking Space and would recommend to others considering this type of project. 

WhiteTower Energy
WhiteTower Energy

Thinking Space Systems Ltd provided significant support pre-tender to enable our design to be accurately costed which was critical to our client’s budget planning.  They not only provided technical drawings but assisted with alternative layouts and design options.

Thinking Space delivered on time and to a very high standard of finish.  The final project was assessed by the control room staff as excellent in every detail. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Thinking Space Systems Ltd as a supplier of control room furniture.

Simon Trundle
GDA Security Consultants

La IAA eligió a Thinking Space para que diseñe e instale las consolas de los controladores aéreos de nuestra nueva Torre de Control de Tráfico Aéreo en el Aeropuerto de Dublín debido al prestigio mundial del que goza Thinking Space y a su gran experiencia en el campo.

Necesitábamos una infraestructura que fuese no solo de última generación si no que los controladores tuviesen además las mejores instalaciones posibles para apoyarles en su tarea de gestionar el tráfico en un aeropuerto internacional tan concurrido como el nuestro, en especial porque se estaba construyendo una nueva pista paralela para dar solución a la creciente demanda para el tráfico aéreo.  El requisito fue que los controladores pudiesen ver todas las áreas de maniobras de la pista paralela y de toda la infraestructura existente.  Además, los controladores debían poder ver el espacio aéreo en los alrededores de las pistas y del aeropuerto en general.

Desde el principio, Thinking Space hizo suyos todos nuestros requisitos y rápidamente comprendieron los conceptos operativos que mueven nuestro negocio.

Hubo muchas sesiones de consulta entre Thinking Space y nuestros expertos en operaciones y técnicos, y de esta interacción nació el mobiliario prototipo que se construyó.  Todo fue evaluado en conjunto con los equipos en ambas organizaciones, y las modificaciones propuestas se ejecutaron de inmediato.

Fue muy sencillo trabajar junto con Thinking Space; fueron muy receptivos y flexibles para con nuestras necesidades.

El resultado final fue que ahora contamos con mobiliario de calidad, que fue entregado e instalado cumpliendo con nuestras especificaciones, y por lo tanto, consideraríamos favorablemente contar con los servicios de Thinking Space en futuros proyectos.

Desde el primer contacto con Thinking Space, el equipo me pareció proactivo y apoyaron el proyecto.  No solo aceptaron nuestros requisitos, sino que hicieron preguntas fundamentales que guiaron al equipo del proyecto durante el proceso del diseño de las mesas y la orientación de la sala, y proporcionaron diversas alternativas.

Un proyecto como este requería de una estrecha relación laboral, no solo con el equipo de SLSNSW sino con el gerente del proyecto/constructor y con los contratistas de los servicios audiovisuales y de informática. Thinking Space fue consciente de nuestros límites presupuestarios y nuestras restricciones de tiempo, y cumplieron con ambas.

Ahora que el Centro ha estado en funcionamiento por un mes, el equipo encuentra que el diseño, la ergonomía y el campo visual se adapta perfectamente a nuestras necesidades y a las largas horas que la sala debe estar en alerta máxima.

This is the second time we have worked with Thinking Space; previously we built a control room specifically for the Quarry Operations, however this project included bringing both the quarry and lime operations together to become more efficient and effective in the way the departments operate. We had a large store room that was to be converted, the idea / concept we had was to build as large a desk and media wall as possible as this gave room for expansion.Thinking Space visited site and worked with us on a few ideas before coming to the final design where full 2D and 3D drawings were created to really help visualise exactly how the control room would look. Thinking Space were very helpful on installation dates as we were on a very tight deadline and had a critical path to stick to. Finally the installers worked in a very professional manner to a high standard, they also worked with us to ensure everything was installed to meet our requirements. In summary I would highly recommend working with Thinking Space, they provide A+ service on all aspects from start to finish.
"Thinking Space Systems really listened to what it was we wanted to create in both look and feel. The design work was essential – we worked collaboratively to achieve the best room layout and design for the new training suite. There were great little touches, such as the propeller design on the panels and green LED lights under the consoles to help create a wow factor. Everyone’s been really impressed with the result. It was a pleasure to work with Thinking Space on this".
We really are pleased with the quality of service you have provided us from end to end...From sales to design, project management and installation everything has been delivered to quality standard and one your company should be proud of...I would have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone.

Aston University recently were lucky enough to work with Thinking Space in refurbishment works of the new Security Control room. Not an easy task when accommodating a room with so much technology, and to satisfy multiple end users. This was a complete redesign, with the focus on creating not only a user-friendly space, but a calm atmosphere essential when controlling emergency incidents. It is not always easy to achieve both function and design, but it has been achieved here. I’m confident we now have the base in which to serve our community, and a space our workforce can take pride in.

Thinking Space have delivered exceptional furniture solutions within our new control room. Each of our operators now has the chance to alter their own workspace easily for comfort. It is the attention to detail, with privacy screens, cable tunnels and height adjustability that have made all the difference now. The result is that staff are more engaged, focused and productive in this new healthy working environment.
Martin Raines
CCTV Operator | East Riding Council
“The Thinking Space team are professional and helpful. They explained all that was needed in a clear and precise way which made it easier to picture their vision of our new control room to us. I would highly recommend Thinking Space for your ARC control room furniture, it’s made such a difference to the wellbeing and productivity of our staff here”.
Kevin Suffolk
Protect-Us Monitoring
“From the outset, Thinking Space understood the brief from our team and the requirements for the business. This was evident in the concept designs and initial specifications they produced. In addition, Thinking Space responded to any issues raised in a timely manner.” “Throughout the whole process, Thinking Space gave us excellent advice, clear timelines, good communication, a competent workforce that undertook and delivered the project to a high standard and on time.” “The end users, our Monitoring Team are delighted with the finished Monitoring Operation working space and it is a pleasure to show this room off to our external visitors to our business who often respond with ‘wow’”.
Working with Jason from Thinking Space was a pleasure, he understood the project brief and engaged with the CCTV operators regarding their comfort and the usability of the desks. This ensured that the final desk arrangement, lighting configuration and monitor control was as required from day one. Going through a procurement process ensured we got the value for money and quality required, this was not an issue for Thinking Space, in what is a competitive market. Regarding fit out, Jason liaised with our CCTV installation team ensuring that final fit and positioning of the desk, monitor wall and ducting was right first time. Zero snags, well done and thank you.
Andy Bond
Chesterfield Borough Council / Control Room Manager

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