The Core Assembly System is an aluminium build system which forms the backbone of all our technical furniture builds

Designed and developed by Thinking Space Systems.

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How the Core Assembly System works

This second generation aluminum build system is a range of hollow aluminum profiles that have been specifically designed for creating furniture.

These profiles are lightweight with modern aesthetically pleasing profile edges. They fit together using easy-to-fit connectors, creating a lightweight framework design for a console or storage solution.

inside the factory Thinking Space Systems

Greater strength, limitless configurations

These extrusions have been designed to offer greater strength so that furniture gives maximum stability and increased weight loading. This gives you piece of mind that your furniture can withstand the heavy duty 24/7 environment.

By using a larger selection of profiles for the framework, a wide range of finished shapes and configurations can be designed for your console, giving you limitless configurations.

falanx control room image

Elegant finishes

The profiles are created with aesthetics in mind; the result being furniture which is modern looking with sleek, clean lines.

core assembly detail connectors

Built to last

We offer a 10-year guarantee on all furniture builds, as the aluminum framework is anodized and will not wear with age.

Future modifications can easily be made by removing the connectors and parts quickly in situ and reassembling with new parts.

Easy to assemble

Our mission is to provide a console which unskilled or untrained personnel can assemble, reducing costs to you, wherever in the world you are based.

A few tools is all that is needed to assemble your technical furniture, giving you freedom to install furniture yourself.

Watch our video and see for yourself how easy it is to assemble a Thinking Space console.

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