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Process monitoring control console for showroom case study


Process monitoring control console for the showroom at Flexitricity case study

Flexitricity, a pioneering demand-side response company, recently moved into new custom-designed offices in the heart of Edinburgh, giving rise to the requirement for a brand new control room.

Thinking Space took on the challenge and delivered a beautiful, modern space that not only provides a comfortable base for Flexitricity’s operations team, but also serves as a showpiece to impress visiting clients. The room was furnished with a console suitable for two operators and a whole host of monitors mounted to create a multi-screen display, all completed within a month.


Founded in 2004 by Dr. Alastair Martin, Flexitricity changed the way the National Grid thinks about power distribution by introducing their demand response model into the marketplace. The word Flexitricity means “Flexible Electricity,” as they look for flexibility in electricity consumption and generation. With clients across the UK, Flexitricity works with the National Grid to provide extra reserve to the network during times of peak demand to generate revenue for partner sites and to help secure UK’s energy supplies while cutting emissions. As a result of growth and expansion, the offices have been moved to new purpose-designed premises.


After a visit to the Thinking Space website (www.thinking-space.com), Flexitricity invited Thinking Space to bid for their new control room project. Because the control room was intended as a showroom to potential clients, complete with a viewing gallery, aesthetics and ergonomics were just as important as price. The solution Thinking Space offered checked off all the boxes.

With a tight timeframe to complete the work due to an important visit the following month, Thinking Space worked quickly and efficiently with the client to agree to a design solution for the new control room furniture.


Thinking Space Sales Specialist Jason Gregory sketched an initial design proposal, then worked alongside Flexitricity’s HR and Office Manager, Samantha Redford, to finalize the required control room furniture. Room details, aesthetics, colors, branding, the required console size, as well as the equipment needed to be located within the room were discussed and agreed following a site visit to Scotland by Jason. As part of the Thinking Space full consultation process, four views of 3D render drawings and 2D dimensional drawings helped Flexitricity visualize how their room would look, assuring them of the wow factor that would be achieved.

A two-person console 14.7 feet in length was designed within the large room in a curved configuration to avoid a linear look. Storage bays with lockable glass doors were also incorporated at either end to balance the console. In addition, the Thinking Space team had to ensure that the complete console could be seen from the viewing gallery, with operators seated in the middle on the 24/7 control room chairs.

An important factor within the room was the location of sixteen 24” flat screens along the console. The Moni-Trak perfect positioning rail ensured that eight columns could be flexibly mounted to create a wall of monitors in a 2x2 configuration. Each column was cut to size accordingly, so that there was no excess column visible above the top level of screens.

At the front of the control room, Thinking Space designed and installed a custom-designed Evolution Media Wall to display eight 43” screens in a 4x2 configuration, achieving the perfect monitoring station set-up.

The Thinking Space installation team worked quickly and efficiently to install the console and media wall within the new room, incorporating all the required branding elements. With the whole service, from consultation and design, to delivery and installation taking just over one month to complete, Flexitricity now has a brand new, highly functional control room to proudly showcase to its customers.

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We were very impressed with the service offered by Thinking Space from start to finish. A thorough consultation process and first class visualisations gave me assurance that we would be provided with an exceptional environment. The installation team were very efficient and passionate about their work which was great to see. We’re happy to recommend Thinking Space to others for any control room furniture requirements.