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+1 (450) 444- 3008 - 222


+1 (450) 444-3009

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wayne and lee international summer visits

International summer visits

Juni 22, 2018

Over the course of the last two weeks, we have been playing host to our overseas offices, with a series of international summer visits at our HQ. Firstly, we welcomed Lee, our Managing Director from Thinking Space Systems Pty Ltd (Australia). Lee undertook some product training to update himself on the latest console build techniques, […]

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Tea, scones, fish and ships

September 01, 2016

Last week, we hosted an international visit here at our headquarters in Hampshire. As well as our guests learning about us and our technical furniture solutions, we were able to give them a flavour of true English culture, with a "tea, scones, fish and ships" experience. Afternoon Tea: Our guests were treated to an iconic afternoon […]

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console building practical session

"Practically" console building

August 25, 2016

Playing host to international visitors this week, our guests were invited to experience a little hands-on training with a console building practical session. The opportunity to put more than just their minds to work presented itself to the group as the desire to have a better understanding of the manufacturing process arose.  Thinking this could […]

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neils international cake

Battle of the flags

August 24, 2016

It was a battle of the flags this week as we welcomed international guests to Thinking Space. Neil decided there was no better way to welcome them to the factory than with… cake. Baking has become almost a taboo subject within the company after the healthy,  competitive ‘TSS bake-off’ held in April.  Neil decided brush up on […]

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