Case Study Process Control Room Furniture for EMR Golden Grove Australia


In our Case Study Process Control Room Furniture for EMR Golden Grove, the intent of the EMR Golden Grove Control Room Upgrade project was to improve the original circa 1990 control room layout to a newer, modern design that better suited the current and future operational requirements. This included improving ergonomics and functionality, so to promote a more effective environment for monitoring and controlling the processing plant.


EMR Golden Grove is a base metals and precious metals mine located in Western Australia. The mine is situated approximately 450 kilometres North-East of Perth, 250 kilometres East of Geraldton, and approximately 50 kilometres South of Yalgoo.

The Golden Grove Mine has seen 27 years of continuous production and the control room layout has seen minimal changes or upgrades over the years, despite the growth of the site and changes in operational requirements. To facilitate a modern operating methodology for current and future projects on site, the control room desk and associated equipment was identified as requiring an upgrade to ensure all of the necessary information was available and presented to the operations team. This will assist the operations team with monitoring and controlling the process plant and other equipment/plant critical to site operations.


Thinking Space liaised with the EMR Golden Grove mine, remotely located 450 kilometres North-East of Perth, to design a console that not only could accommodate the existing monitors but provide for the future addition of new monitors as these were replaced. There was also a requirement to have the design adjoin an existing IT rack so that all the cabling could be rerun into the rear of the new console. 


Due to the remote location and 2 day site induction process, the client was responsible for the onsite install. Thinking Space designed and built the console at our factory in Sydney, then broke it down, labelling the connection points to assist the client during the install.

Thinking Space then provided all necessary drawings along with some links to our online instructional videos showing how to reassemble the console.

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We approached Thinking Space with a basic plan to upgrade our control room and were impressed with the conceptual design and drawings they produced. The finished product is impressive too. Excellent build quality has accompanied a stylish, ergonomic and functional design. Lee and the team were always polite and professional. They readily assisted us and made the experience enjoyable. Since the upgrade our operators and other staff have all commented how much of an improvement the new control room is; especially around design, looks and functionality. Our revitalised control room is now a highly positive and productive working environment. Thanks Lee, we’re a genuinely happy customer.

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