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Case Study Control Room Furniture for Tamar Crossing


Construction of the new £4.7 million Tamar Bridge offices began in 2016 to provide much improved operational, engineering and customer service facilities as well as a new Visitor and Learning Centre.

After meeting at exhibitions and studying case studies, Thinking Space were tasked with providing a new control room layout and furniture to optimise the unusually-shaped space room as well as providing excellent operator sight-lines through the windows and simultaneously to a multitude of control systems and CCTV screens.


The Tamar Bridge is a suspension bridge in the south-west of England, carrying the A38 trunk road across the River Tamar connecting the City of Plymouth to the east and the Cornish town of Saltash to the west. The bridge, completed in 1961, runs parallel to the famous Royal Albert Bridge, built by Brunel in the 1850’s. Both crossings continue to play a vital role in the SW region’s socio-economic prosperity.

The Bridge is tolled for eastbound traffic, with over 16 million crossings per annum. Operating 365 day, 24 hours a day, the bridge Control Room constantly monitors traffic flow and the safety and security of all user groups.


After meeting Thinking Space at a CCTV User Group networking event in 2012, Thinking Space were tasked with providing a ‘refreshed’ Control Room layout in the existing 1960’s administration building. However, as the need for improved offices became a reality, Thinking Space provided a proposal for the new and much larger control room space, allowing work stations to be configured in a L-shape to maximise ergonomics and operator views.


Thinking Space provided a design to meet within the unusually-shaped confines of the room and to maximise external viewing. Accommodating up to three staff, the main console maintains excellent visibility out of the windows to the bridge below even when seated. Each position provides actuation, so operators can independently control the height of their desks at a touch of a button.

At one end of the console, a raised circular work surface has been provided to allow for standing meetings – a subtle yet highly used feature!

A single operator console is also provided within the room. Used as a flexible or training console, it is equipped with 3 screens and 3 drawer storage under the desk surface.

To highlight the actuation, these working areas were provided with a complimentary laminate to the main console. Service panels to the rear of the console allows for access to cable management.

To main external views alongside the need to view CCTV and other display screens, Thinking Space provided Evolution Media Wall technology. Ceiling mounted supports were used to mount seven large flat screen monitors around the perimeter of the room. Installing the support prior to the suspended ceiling provided a neat and tidy finish often commented on by visitors.

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