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Case Study Chesterfield CCTV Control Room Relocation


In our Case Study Chesterfield CCTV Control Room Relocation, Chesterfield Borough Council was looking to modernise their CCTV control room and expand their services. This involved the relocation of their existing CCTV control room from a Grade II listed building, built in the 18th Century, to the town hall basement which was being renovated. New control room furniture was required to bring the control room up to date.


Chesterfield Borough Council is committed to providing CCTV as an important tool in tackling crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour. Prior to it’s’ relocation, the CCTV control room was monitoring 99 cameras and also providing a monitoring service for commercial clients, bringing the total number of cameras to 138. Over 9,000 incidents were being handled by the control room every year, which operates 24/7. It was proposed that the relocation to a new control room would provide additional capacity for expansion of CCTV coverage throughout the region, so the design of the control room had to have this in mind.


Following a relationship spanning a number of years, Thinking Space was approached to provide a control room proposal for the new furniture requirements. The existing control room was dark and oppressive, with screens accommodated in wooden monitor walls which were not ergonomically positioned for all. As part of the free design consultation, Thinking Space provided 2D and 3D renders showing how the new control room would look. This gave the client the confidence in meeting its’ obligation to provide modernised facilities that would also cope with changes over the forthcoming years.


Thinking Space designed a two operator console, which had curved end panels displaying the clients’ logo. The length of the console is 4.5 metres in a curved configuration, giving plenty of space still within the room. Each operator receives a PC bay with glass door, positioned at each end of console. A further one position Supervisor console with PC bay and drawer pedestal is also provided.

The focus of the room is the large media wall, spanning 5 metres. This accommodates 10 large flat screen monitors, and is ergonomically positioned to allow both operators and the supervisor viewing of the screen information.

Completing the ergonomic features are 24/7 control room chairs and Novus task lights and ergonomic monitor mounts on the desk. The new control room is now light and airy, with plenty of space for future expansion.

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Working with Jason from Thinking Space was a pleasure, he understood the project brief and engaged with the CCTV operators regarding their comfort and the usability of the desks. This ensured that the final desk arrangement, lighting configuration and monitor control was as required from day one. Going through a procurement process ensured we got the value for money and quality required, this was not an issue for Thinking Space, in what is a competitive market. Regarding fit out, Jason liaised with our CCTV installation team ensuring that final fit and positioning of the desk, monitor wall and ducting was right first time. Zero snags, well done and thank you.
Andy Bond
Chesterfield Borough Council / Control Room Manager

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