evolution media wall due for launch October 2021

Upgrades to the Evolution media wall coming soon

Back in 2010, Thinking Space Systems launched their Evolution media wall framework system for mounting large flat screen monitors. This system is perfect for CCTV control rooms, where video wall displays are required.

Around a year ago, our design team were tasked with improving the product after receiving feedback on its design and assembly from our customers as well as the sales team demonstrating it.  As a result, the first revolution of Evolution is now in the making, as we prepare to launch the Evolution Media Wall 1.

What's new?

  1. New foot design – this is now heavier, providing more stability as the size of screens has increased since 2010. It also is more aesthetically appealing and less intrusive.
  2. Easier to assemble – legs are despatched already assembled with fixings provided in situ on the underside, saving time with site assemblies.
  3. Enhanced cable management – pre-made slots in the cable trays to allow for cable ties to be twisted in.. A new divider now separates data and power supplies in the tray and the post is wider, allowing for easier cable management within the leg.
  4. The height of the crossbeam has now increased to provide greater strength and stability, and reduces deflection.
  5. The crossbeam is 50% stronger, which allows for larger spans between each leg.

We offer standard configurations as well as custom designs, all included within our free design service.

The Evolution Media Wall 1 will be available from October 2021.

Find out more about the Evolution Media Wall.