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Celebrating International Women’s Day at Thinking Space

Our take on celebrating International Women’s Day at Thinking Space is to highlight the work of some of the women employed here and their aspirations for the year ahead.

Tina Dawkins

Back in days of just a handful of staff, Tina Dawkins was the first female to arrive on the scene. ‘I am now in my 15th year working for Thinking Space Systems, starting in the cold barns, moving twice since and now in a nice cosy warm office. I even ‘moved up’ to a height adjustable desk!’ recollects Accounts Manager Tina.

‘I have grown with the company as they have developed and I have been taking on new challenges to keep expanding the business in my role within the Management Team. I am very proud to be part of it’.

When asked what achievement stood out for her, Tina reminisced over the charity work undertaken by Thinking Space over the years. Infact, Tina should be blowing her own trumpet here, as she arranges the annual Easter Egg raffle, which is our most popular event thanks to her hard work. It has regularly brought in nearly £300 in funds raised each year.

Tina’s hopes for 2021 are very much in tune with many of us. She is looking forward to seeing all the staff again who have been working remotely this past year.

Suzanne pinchin

Second in the current female contingent is Marketing Manager Suzanne Pinchin. Suzanne will be celebrating her 10th year at Thinking Space this summer. Her current tally of exhibitions organised for Thinking Space stands at around 80. ‘The lack of events this last year means that I won’t reach my 100 target by my work anniversary’ explained Suzanne.

However, Suzanne is looking to fulfil other targets. ‘When I started working at Thinking Space, there was no social media presence at all. I have built up our followers and have got all the team actively involved in it too’. Can we reach 1000 followers on our LinkedIn company page by the summer?

‘As part of the Management Team, I have been able to contribute towards the growth and culture of the company. From writing business cases and applying for funding for the new digital printer, to managing the marketing and developing strategies for new companies and product ranges. There is much to look forward to’.

Izabela sipowicz

Joining us in 2016 was Izabela Sipowicz as Production Supervisor. Izzy is currently training for the role of Production Manager. ‘I am currently undertaking an Operational Management Apprenticeship course, in order to better my management skills’ explained Izzy.

‘I consider my key achievement is to be a part of the production team. I am lucky to have a great team behind me who produce quality furniture and who always support me.  In 2019, I was proud to have been able to improve the layout of the workshop to improve health and safety for the team. Not only did it create efficiencies in manufacturing, it gave all the team access to improved ergonomics; something we strive for with all our clients! All the assembly team now have their own height adjustable benches to work at’.

Izzy is looking forward to completing her course this year and getting to grips with new software about to be implemented.

sally angell

Sally Angell joined us in 2019. ‘When I first joined the company, my role was to provide administrative support to the operations team. Since then, I have been involved in all departments, from credit control in the Accounts Department to helping the Marketing Department inputting data during the redevelopment of the website’ recalled Sally.

Sally is also looking forward to learning new systems and software about to be implemented this year, and further expanding her responsibilities.

We celebrate the journey of all our female colleagues and wish them well with their aspirations for 2021 and beyond!

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