Movember 2019 Hairy Lip Squad Start

The Return of the Hairy Lip Squad

The start of November saw the return of the Hairy Lip Squad to our HQ premises.

This year, colleagues Adam, Neil, Wayne, Myles, Byron, Vim and Cameron (see photo above) have pledged to grow their ‘tashes for the Movember campaign. For some, it was a whole new experience they were itching to get started on. For others, a welcome return to the possibilities of styling their upper lips.

Last supported in 2016, our Hairy Lip Squad are once again captained by Neil, who is hoping for a “Hulk Hogan” look for his moustache. His personal target is £100 and he has already been challenged by industry peers to "go pink" for extra fundraising. So watch this space…

Wayne, on the other hand, will just be happy to be able to tame his ‘tache into something that is presentable when meeting clients throughout the month.

Vim has already been alikened to Freddie Mercury with his two week growth, whilst Bryon has gone for full growth already (beard and ‘tache) but ensuring the two don’t join, of course! For Cameron, it is a “my first ‘tache” and he is definitely feeling the pressure and discomfort of the growth. Keep going Cameron, do it for your bros!

So far, the team have raised £235 for men’s health, and we’re half way through the challenge, with two more weeks to go.

Please support our colleagues and pledge to "see pink" by donating to their Movember team page

Movember 2019 Hairy Lip Squad week 2

Hairy Lip Squad week 2