Control Room Furniture for the University of Notre Dame USA

Thinking Space USA have recently installed new control room furniture for the University of Notre Dame. The University is a private catholic research university in Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. It is considered to be one of the top universities in the USA, noted for its prestigious academics and outstanding football history. Thinking Space were delighted to have been tasked with manufacturing and installing control room furniture into their security control room, which was undergoing a renovation to support campus facilities.

It’s main campus covers 1265 acres and consists of recognizable landmarks such as the Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, the Notre Dame Stadium and the Basilica. Overseeing a campus with some 8617 undergraduates, keeping the students safe and the campus operational is the primary objective of the security control room. With most students choosing to remain on campus in one of the 30 residence halls, these halls serve as the social focus of the university, with an on-site restaurant and pub.

The old control room furniture consisted of regular tables which offered no storage or ergonomic benefits for the operators working 24/7. The new control room furniture consists of a custom designed five operator console, in a horseshoe configuration, located in front of wall mounted large flat screen monitors, for viewing the CCTV images around the campus.

A further two single person operator consoles were provided, situated behind the larger console. All have ample PC bay storage, localized Novus monitor mounts for flat screen mounting, complete with Moni-Trak perfect positioning rail for flexible positions.

As operators get used to their new environment, we look forward to seeing the new control room in action.

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