tamar crossing control room furniture image

New Case Study - Control Room Upgrade for Tamar Crossing

Following our involvement in the control room upgrade for Tamar Crossing in Devon in 2017, we recently re-visited the  control room, to see how the control room furniture we provided is performing.

After meeting Thinking Space at a networking event in 2012, we provided control room furniture for Tamar Crossings’ brand new control room which monitors traffic and toll plaza activities over the River Tamar.

A three-position console shaped in an L-shape around the perimeter of the room was designed, with each operator position having individual height adjustment for sit/stand working.

At one end of the console, a raised circular work surface provides a handy meeting space. In addition, a single operator console for training purposes was also provided.

To ensure operators could view the bridge below, Evolution media wall mounts were fitted to the ceiling of the control room, where the seven screens showing CCTV footage can be monitored.

Find out more in our case study control room upgrade for Tamar crossing.