Taking a well-earned breather

Taking a well-earned breather

When you're on your feet all day long at a trade show, there's every excuse to take a well-earned breather at the end of a busy day. And even more so when the outside temperature is in the 30's!

So, with that in mind, our international team in Australia took time out of their schedule for some R&R, accompanied by a refreshing ice cold beer in the "watering holes" surrounding Geelong, on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Catching up with colleague Lee Evans, Managing Director of Thinking Space Systems Pty Ltd, was also firmly on the agenda for Wayne and Paul. Lee has recently opened their new manufacturing premises in Ardnell Park, Sydney. As well as a workshop which is now manufacturing consoles for the local market, Lee has created a showroom, so clients can view the custom designed console possibilities for themselves.

A celebratory "cheers" for all your hard work Lee!

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