smart and stylish at avalon exhibition at stand a2A

Smart and stylish around the world!

This week, we're busier than ever as we are exhibiting at two different events at the same time...and on opposite sides of the world! In both cases, the phrase "smart and stylish" springs to mind.

After day 1 at the Avalon exhibition in Australia, "smart and stylish" is a great phrase for describing the control room furniture solutions we are demonstrating at the stand, including a locally manufactured tower console, as well as the show stand itself. But not forgetting our international sales team, who will be ready to meet you for day 2 of the show tomorrow...looking smart and stylish, team, smart and stylish!

Meanwhile, back in the UK,  our  MW Video team are starting day 1 of the BVE London exhibition at stand M30. Bringing with them is an example of a custom designed Production Desk as well as introducing the new height adjustable Edit Desk to the show.

Both desks and the team are looking smart and stylish too!

MW Video BVE 2017 exhibition

Above: as our colleagues exhibit in Australia, the MW Video team prepare for BVE London Exhibition this week

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