Tea, scones, fish and ships

Last week, we hosted an international visit here at our headquarters in Hampshire. As well as our guests learning about us and our technical furniture solutions, we were able to give them a flavour of true English culture, with a "tea, scones, fish and ships" experience.

Afternoon Tea:

Our guests were treated to an iconic afternoon tea at local hotel, The White Horse. Overlooking the historical setting of Romsey, the small market town was founded in the year 907 and is well known for its Norman abbey built during the 10th Century. We transported our guests to another time and place with this experience.


Our visitors had already begun to see the history embedded within the town of Winchester, where they were staying. So, staff joined them one evening in the town for a traditional meal of Fish and Chips. Visiting a local chippie, the plan to eat outside the magnificent cathedral was delayed by a slightly dampening rain, but the river running through the city eventually created the perfect backdrop for a beautiful setting sun.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard:

Situated within a working Naval Base, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is home to a collection of fantastic attractions, historic ships and museums whilst located only 20 minutes away from HQ. With many sights to see at the Docklands, the HMS Victory claims the title of ‘most famous’,  having served as Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar. The guests took their turn re-enacting the battle, becoming absorbed in the fascination of the ship before being privy to a lesson in archery with an instructor supplying tips on how to ‘aim true’.

With so much culture within the surrounding areas, we hope that our guests got a glimpse of our true British heritage. We hope they thoroughly enjoyed their time spent at Thinking Space and look forward to meeting them again soon...